Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back on the Job

Hey Team...Erika's back at work, so I'm back on the full-time Father duty.  That was a short dang summer (although I guess it doesn't help that Erika went back to work a full month before summer is technically over (when is summer technically over?  I could look it up online, but I don't want to.  It's too easy to try to make yourself look informed on the internetz because you can look anything up (I wasn't using the general you there.  I'm talking to you specifically...not anyone else reading can look up whatever you  So since the summer is over for me, it's time for the...(wait for it)...ULTRA SUPER END OF SUMMER REVIEW EXTRAVAGANZA 2020 4-EVER!!!!! (aka the best of the summer list (i love lists so hard))

-Best Book I Read This Summer
Demons in the Spring by Joe Meno.  Perhaps this doesn't technically count because it's a short story collection, but I love short stories more than I love lists (which is a ton).  Meno brings his usual barrage of cowardly protagonists, inaction, missed opportunities and lack of closure.  Plus, there are sweet illustrations from great artists.  I really recommend Joe Meno.  I would not highly recommend reading a few of his books in a row.  Mix in some Harry Potter or something where the protagonist is not cripplingly unable to take any action that would make her/his life better.  But still, read Joe Meno.

-Best Movie I Saw This Summer
Micmacs.  This is also the best movie I've seen in my life.  It lacks all the subtlety of the best films, but it's so good.  Jeunet breaks no new ground here stylistically, but I love his style so who cares?  I don't!  Maybe you do.  What new ground have you broken lately?  That's what I thought.  Also, (SPOILER ALERT!  For real, you gotta see it before you read the next few lines.  If you haven't seen it, skip to the next best thing.  I won't explicitly say anything, but you'll put enough together.  Don't keep reading until you see it) as one who believes and (sometimes but not as much as I should) acts on non-violent resistance, I found it to be a refreshing homily on the value of non-violent resistance and the downright evil nature of all (yes, I said it, all) violence.

-Best Comic/GN I read this Summer
Essex County by Jeff Lemire.  I know I'm way behind the times, but as a reader of Sweet Tooth, I checked out Lemire's other work and was blown away by Essex County.  If you've ever wondered what growing up in rural Canada is like, I feel like this is the perfect picture (although I can't know that.  But really what can I know?  Right Descartes?).  As per my usual faves in lit, it is quite heart-breaking and beautiful.  And Lemire's art is so good.  It's incredibly amazing for an artist to dare have his beautiful women not conform to modern standards of beauty.  And his faces are so unique.  Check him out.

-Best New Album of the Summer
Sir Lucius Left Foot the Son of Chico Dusty by Big Boi.  I know it's the popular pick, but it's so good.  Big Boi's still got it.  I respect Andre more for branching out, but I appreciate Big Boi for bringing the stank from the durty.

-Best Experience of the Summer
Going to the new Target Field with David for the Twins/Rockies showdown.  Although the Twinks lost, so that was lame.  But it's a fantastic field.  I baked like a freakin' Baked Spaghetti (SPAGHET!) in the sun, but that's way better than lame metrodome.  Plus, you can sign up to be a DD and get a free pop.  I realize this doesn't include any of my family.  I also had loads of fun with them this summer.  Come on though, Target Field is a pretty unique experience.

Other Random Crap:
-Elliott is walking now and it rules.  He likes to walk around and pull stuff off the shelves and make stacks of it at the library

-My plan to phase out princesses for Lydia is kind of working.  She's really into dinosaurs and volcanoes now (but still princesses too.  So maybe we should have some princess dinosaurs...there's my million-dollar idea.  Don't steal it.  Princess Dinosaurs who live in an active Volcano that sell tacos out of a stand during the day and fight crime at night.  Boom!  Everybody's happy. (why do they fight crime?  Because they're princesses AND dinosaurs.  Duh.)

This is long so I'm done.  Enjoy.  I'll try to post every day so you will look, but if not, still look.  Or don't.  Also, I was totally going to give up on this until I got some encouragement from O.D.P., so thanks for that old boy.  I'm back in your face!