Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Here's a new blog for you to possibly enjoy.  For about a year now, I've been hanging out with my kids.  None of us have a job, so we play together.  Perhaps you might dig some of the things that happen, and I will share them here.

I don't enjoy exposition, but this is the first post, so I can deal with it.  Why in your face!?  Because I don't have a job (I feel like I already said that) and I just hang out with my kids (4 realz, am I repeating myself?). So I want to rub it in your face how hilariously radical my life is.  Sure I'll complain on here, but ultimately things rule.  Plus, exclamation points rule, so I used one.  I'll probably use a lot!  Because they make you feel like I'm in your face!  Now you're thinking, "If you're going to use e.p.'s (that's hip slang for exclamation points.  I learned that from one of my most street-wise students (bt dubs, these parentheticals are not your thoughts.  That's why they are in parentheses)), why don't you grab the bulls by the horns and use ALL CAPS?"  Because I hate all caps.  I used to hate exclamation points, but I changed my mind!

Also, some people don't put their kids' names on their blogs for fear of something (I have no idea what).  This makes their blogs sound like they were written by robots (which they will be eventually.  It's only a matter of time.  (Speaking of which, I'm sort of looking forward to the robot uprising.  Sure it will end in the enslavement or elimination of the human race, but at least robots are sweet)).  Well, I'm not afraid (of sharing my kids' names, not the robot uprising.  I thought I made myself clear on that).  This isn't the Ancient Near East.  My kids are Lydia and Elliott.  I might put some pix on here, but I might not.  I guess we'll have to wait this one out.

So that's it.  I'll probably have a combo of anecdotes and ruminations.  So check me out!  I'm blogging again!  Which means I think I have something to say!  I probably don't!  But I'm doing it anyway!  With exclamation points!

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